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I’ve been a photographer and designer for the past 15 years. I’m a big tech geek with a love for F1 and the mountains. With an emphasis on meaning, I like my photography to tell a story of personal journey that aspires to expose awareness to others.


I’m an architectural graduate and photographer with a passion for creating and capturing beauty. I’m a hopeless romantic with a love for nature and exploration. My talent lies in uncovering the narrative embedded within the people and places around me.

Our story

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It all began while hiking back from Everest Base Camp in December, 2015. Waking up in Namche, knowing that our trek had almost come to an end, we had no idea how tremendously straining, yet enriching this last day before reaching Lukla would be. What seemed to be an endless journey from Namche to Lukla along the ‘Nepalese flat’ of undulating hills turned into hours of story telling, laughter and a growing adoration for each other. To us, our journey from Namche to Lukla embodies the strength and beauty of all aspects of our life together; it is the challenges that we overcome and the joy that is rewarded to us in striving for our goals, it is the truth and sincerity of nature, the raw reality and richness of life. 

Having achieved our goal of reaching Everest Base Camp, we continued strengthening our relationship over the following two weeks, hiking the Annapurna circuit. Over this first month that we spent together in Nepal, we received far more than we ever expected to when we ventured out on the opposite sides of the world seeking adventure. We saw each other at our best and worst, with all sorts of highs and lows, both emotionally and physically, yet we were only drawn closer and more connected to each other. With similar life goals and aspirations, we felt that this journey was bigger than either of us could comprehend at the time and that it would be a part of us forever.

Namchetolukla is not a just a brand or an image, it’s the collective development of us as a couple as we aspire to motivate, educate and relate to you on a personal level. Our passion for culture and creativity gives us a vibrant flair that strives to spread honesty, compassion and gratitude. We are our happiest and most connected selves when we are surrounded by natural beauty, capturing unique moments, or giving back to others.

Our journey has been enchanted with breath-taking scenery, romantic dates, cultural richness and memories that will last an eternity. However, the blissful charm of a modern day love story also entails a lot of hard work. Challenges that we’ve endured along the way from visa applications, wedding planning and moving overseas, have constantly strengthened and equipped us with the skills to get through anything together. We have chosen to capture our diverse experiences through various mediums and bring them to you from the real life view of Namchetolukla.

This journey starts with us but continues with all of those who we connect with.