We are all plants

If you think of everyone as a plant, they all need different amounts of light, water, temperature, nurturing etc.

Everyone grows at different rates, some faster than others and some taller than others but each unique and beautiful in their own form, for their own gifts and qualities. The conditions in which we are placed on this earth can either allow us to flourish or hinder us from reaching our potential, the same way environmental conditions affect a plants development.

Sometimes plants realise they aren’t in the most favourable position and grow/lean out in different directions to reach the most light to allow their full development to take place. Once they find their place they regain full strength and continue to grow in that new direction. We can do the same with wisdom and strength – awareness of your situation or position in life will help you understand how to get to where you need to be and give you the strength and determination to reach that potential.

Grey weather may hinder your growth (mental, spiritual or physical) but tomorrow is another day closer to sunshine where your spirit will shine brighter than ever and remind you that even through the grey days, there is hope and joy waiting for you.